• 12 Apr 2019 5:33 PM | Anonymous member

    Mountains of Motivation

    Susmita Maskey is the first Nepali woman to climb Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent and has been presented with the Prabal Jana Sewa Shree Padak, one of the highest civilian awards of Nepal, by Rt. Honorable President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. She was also Honorary Tourism Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal 2015-2017 and Honorary Public Relations Representative of Nepal Tourism Board 2015-2017.

    Susmita is a motivational speaker and has been giving talks to various international tour groups, schools, universities, NGO/INGOs, embassies and corporate houses in Nepal and around the globe. Her presentation will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as Susmita shares her amazing mountaineering experiences along with her personal challenges. Susmita was always told what she could not or should not do, she rose above those challenges to prove her potential has no limits.

  • 19 Mar 2019 7:33 PM | Anonymous member

    Saving (wild) Bees in Munich – a Flowerful Task!

    Bees are among the most important pollinators of crops and wild plants, providing enormous economic and ecological benefits. As we now know, both bee abundance and bee species diversity are highly important. Still, depending on the region, 25% to 68% of the Central European bee species are currently endangered due to the loss and degradation of natural and semi-natural habitats. As agriculture has intensified, many of the species actually survive as refugees in the cities, depending on the plants of roadsides, gardens and even balconies.

    Dr. Ulrike Wagner, biologist and head of the Ecological Education Center (ÖBZ), run by the Münchner Volkshochschule (MVHS), invites you to sneak into the fascinating world of wild bees, bumblebees and little wasps. You will be surprised, how easy, colourful and interesting it can be to offer more food plants and the right breeding-opportunities to them, even on a city balcony.

    Also you are invited to visit the diverse insect gardens at the ÖBZ near Arabellapark in summer.

  • 13 Feb 2019 4:52 PM | Anonymous member

    You are invited to attend the MIWC Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 13th March 2019 at 10:00 am at the Friedenskirche in Munich. The first hour of this meeting will be a time to catch up with friends as usual, and to enjoy the informal Committee Teams presentations. We will start the AGM at 11 am.

    For your review, is the agenda for the 2019 AGM, and the minutes of the 2018 AGMWe will also be re-affirming the vote of the 2012 AGM which raised the dues to €50 and added a discounted due for membership dues paid in the last quarter of the year. Because of a series of miscommunications, the vote has to be re-affirmed and registered with the German authorities. The budget has been reviewed and approved by the committee. 

    We will be electing new officers for 2019-2020:  Annette Wentland, Chair; Doerte Buss Vice Chair; Cecily Garver, Treasurer. 

    As a voting member, your attendance at the AGM is very important. If you cannot attend the meeting, we ask you to complete this form to give power to one of the current MIWC members to represent you at the AGM.

  • 11 Jan 2019 7:37 AM | Anonymous member

    Olive oil - nature’s special gift - A lecture about the oldest healthy food

    Heidi Rauch and her husband Michael Konitzer talk about olive oil: the history, the culture, the production, the taste and the oils healthy effects.

    We learn to taste good olive oil and to be able to distinguish artisanal top quality of olive oil “extra vergine” from “industrial” olive oil, sold in supermarkets.

    And we`ll give good tips how to use olive oil, how to cook with it, how to use it as a remedy. And we inform you about more products made from olive trees.

    Since 2008 Heidi Rauch and Michael Konitzer live a grand part of the year in the Marche, the province at the Adriatic coast in Central Italy. They are taking care of their own olive trees, are doing their own harvest and produce their own olive oil. From Italian masters they have learned how to do it in high quality. During all these years they have learned to taste olive oil in professional manner. Their artisanal olive oil “Olio Piceno” is sold only directly ( In their “Olivenölschule by Olio Piceno” they teach to taste good olive oil in cooking schools in Munich and Berlin.

    Heidi Rauch and Michael Konitzer are both writers, living in Bavaria, Berlin and Italy.

    Heidi Rauch, born in Berlin, is a journalist with diploma doing mainly PR-work, for example for Schloss Amerang (events & concerts) and the golf club Munich Eichenried (home of the BMW International Open). She has written a book about olives and olive oil with the title “Oliven – Eine Liebeserklärung an den Süden”.

    Michael Konitzer, born in Munich, is specialized on digital marketing (publisher of the Multimedia Annual) and professional content production for corporate websites (Volkswagen, Toyota, Lufthansa, Swiss Life e. a.). He is also working as a futurologist, doing lectures, consultant work and writing books on future topics. He is an experienced hobby cook and always likes to share his knowledge with interested people.

  • 22 Dec 2018 9:08 AM | Anonymous member

    This month's speaker is our beloved member Margareta Braumueller! She is a German linguist with an international background.

    She has a keen interest in local history and will give some details on a special moment in Bavarian history and talk about LOLA MONTEZ, a scandalous woman in Bavaria“. 

    Lola Montez arrived in Munich on October 5 in 1846. She was a courtesan and mistress of  King Ludwig I. King Ludwig I, who has a foible for beauty in all its forms, at 61 was subjugated by this 25 year old lady. 

    She quickly became well known in Europe’s capitals for her scandalous behaviour and her many affairs. Within two years of her arrival she turned the Munich society and the political world upside down.

    To know more about Lola Montez, read the wiki page

  • 19 Sep 2018 5:43 PM | Anonymous member

    Back by popular demand, join the Programs team in welcoming Sharad Gandhi to further discuss the fascinating topic of Artificial Intelligence.

    Shared has graciously offered to return to our general meeting on October 10 and expand on his May presentation.  For those of you who were in attendance in May, he promises to allow plenty of time for questions and conversation.  For those that missed the May meeting, you are in for quite a treat.

    Shared currently lives and works in Munich, but considers himself a global citizen, having lived in Europe, India and the USA.  Throughout the years he has worked for a variety of global companies including Intel, IBM, Siemens, and Tata.  He is an electronics engineer and physicist by education and a marketing strategist by profession, often being called a technology philosopher and strategist possessing a valuable ability to express complex concepts in an easy to understand form (a statement we can wholeheartedly agree with).  His passion for technology and its impact on our lives has motivated him to write books to demystify new digital technologies and illustrate their impact on business and society in general.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its daily impact on our lives!

  • 08 Sep 2018 11:04 AM | Anonymous member

    Join us for an adventure-filled morning! As we return from our summer holidays to reunite with friends at the Sept 12 General Membership meeting, look forward to a few mystery guest speakers. 

    Four of our members will share stories about their unique holiday journeys. Don’t miss out on the fun!

  • 10 Jun 2017 3:21 PM | Anonymous member

    In today’s world of health and nutrition there are countless headlines, books, diets, and new “superfoods” coming on the market that claim to be the next cure all. As a holistic nutritionist the first thing I tell my clients is that every BODY is different – what might work for one person may not for another. That being said, there aresome basic nutritional requirements that everyone needs to be healthy and active. What does your body need to stay healthy and allow you to function at your best? I will be discussing how whole food and proper digestion is linked to nutrient absorption along with some tips on how to incorporate foods that support your digestion into you diet. 

    Nutrition must support each person’s bio-individuality. My passion is to support my clients so they can achieve their individual health and wellness goals through a sustainable change in their diet and lifestyle. 

  • 04 May 2017 9:32 AM | Anonymous member

    Our May speaker is Julie Leonard, a Life Coach and Aromatherapist based in Munich. With over 25 years of Psychology, Health and Coaching Experience, Julie shares her philosophy on reaching a state of happiness and mindfulness to help us embrace and adapt to change.

    Like all of you, I am an expat woman living abroad. Although I felt prepared for the challenges of adjusting to my new life here, I still faced many daily difficulties and feelings of loneliness. I am happy to share my knowledge and passions for Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Coaching, Self care and my Happiness Club and how they can help you settle and find happiness in a new country.

    – Julie Leonard

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