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We firmly believe that we should give back something to the community in which we live. This does not mean that our charitable interests dominate our program, but they are a strong theme throughout the year, especially in the time leading up to Christmas.

Although we also support other charities from time to time (e.g. a school project in Burkina Faso), the focus of our efforts is a women’s shelter in Munich, the ‘Frauenhaus’. Donations of toiletries and clothing are collected every month (see below) and we also have fund-raisers to enable the children there to lead as normal a life as possible and to have outings throughout the year (e.g. go swimming, visit the zoo, etc.). Periodically, one of the organisers comes to talk to us and tell us more about their current work, as well as the effect our support and donations have on the lives of the women and children who live in the Frauenhaus.

There is a special table at each monthly meeting where one can buy second-hand books, magazines, DVDs, etc. for €1, and a basket for toiletries, etc. There is also a collection point for good, clean, used women’s and young children’s clothes.  Helping out with this great work are Ute Becker at, and Ulla Barth-Christoffersen, Gudrun Wilde, Roberta Zöllner, Fiona McOuat, Natasha Thiele, and Deirdre Tighe at

In the run-up to Christmas, one day is traditionally spent in a member’s home baking and assembling Gingerbread Houses for the children. We also aim to give enough funds to the organisers so that they can help each mother buy something special for each child for Christmas.

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